P.I.E.: Partners in Innovation and Education

Mission Statement:

The program’s purpose is to establish a Partnership of public and private institutions of higher learning in the central Connecticut region, and leverage it to engage students and faculty in innovation in the biohealth and bioscience sector.

Who We Are

We are a group of public and private institutions of higher learning in central Connecticut that have come together to provide Fellowships and innovative opportunities for students and faculty in the biohealth and bioscience sectors. The institutions that make up P.I.E. are:

  • University of Connecticut (Program Home)
  • Central Connecticut State University, New Britain
  • Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven
  • Trinity College, West Hartford
  • Tunxis Community College, Farmington
  • University of Hartford, West Hartford
  • University of St. Joseph, West Hartford
  • Connecticut Childrens’ Medical Center, Hartford

Our Goals:

P.I.E. Addresses the four major goals of Connecticut Innovations’ Higher Education Intitative and applies them to our own innovative program.

The Four Major Goals of the HEG:

  1. Establish collaboration and partnerships
  2. Educate an innovative workforce
  3. Engage the 21st Century economy
  4. Expand ‘development’ infrastructure

P.I.E.’s Major Goals:

  1. Create a seven-member academic partnership
  2. Offer hands-on laboratory research for undergraduate students
  3. Build a culture and community of innovation
  4. Engage industry/private donors as program sponsors and champions

Our Programs

Our programs include:

  • Hands-on student research experiences through Summer Fellowships and Year-round Independent Studies 
  • Disseminate education and concepts of innovation through Summer Weekly Seminars and Year-round monthly seminars
  • Engage in the 21st Century economy with cross-registration of courses and a matriculation pipeline

For more information on our goals and programs, see our Goals & Programs page.